Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jessical Lal ( no one killed Jessica )

No one killed Jessica .....is it about the  Jessica murder case ..or more about how the  media if wanted can  bring about a change in the whole law and order system .. and that no one is above the law ..., However ... I am starting to see a good change in  Hindi films ... I stopped watching them earlier as I found the boy friend - girl friend routine an all too  common and boring formula ... but with movies like  this one   I am sure there are much  more coming out its breaking out from the  formula .. No one killed  Jessica  was actually an  refresher to the Jessica lall  murder case to me as I  followed it for a while in reading the  news papers ( as Habit which  I had trouble keeping it to ..but  coming back to it now a days) .. So  all in all the  movie I  felt as good .  nice change from the  usual Bollywood masala Rani Mukerejee's role as a hot shot strong pointed  reported is done well .. Half way in the movie  I could guess Rani's character would do something to turn things around .. but I guess it was more about how she does it that mattered ...

I  did some  reading up  on  tehelka.com .. impressed I must say , just read about how they  cracked down on a Mental asylum Doctor .. who falsely certified wives as MAD for husbands who wanted to  divorce them  !!![Price of Insanity]..they have also uncovered bigger operations and  landed some  huge catches , political ones!..  I  was interested in  that fact that  they  not only did just  huge political scams but also people oriented things   like the price of insanity  , Read up more for Tehelka here

If you want to read up on the  Jessica Lall murder case as how it really went on  ..here  it is on Wikipedia Murder_of_Jessica_Lall on wiki....as I read on  about the movie .. and the real  murder case and looked for what Jessica ( the real victim ) looked like this came up on  Google images   came up:- (below)

  We don't want Manu sharma to be hanged  Its a interview  on the Father  of the victim Ajit Lal .. and that made me realize a lot of incidents and even conversations  that was shown in the movie actually happened !

The real protest at India Gate :

Sabrina lal with the actress of NO ONE KILLED JESSICA 


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